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If You Are Stopped For An OVI (DUI) You Should Not Say These 10 Things

We’ve heard and seen a lot over the years of defending OVI cases in Ohio. There are a few things that almost certainly make matters worse during or after an OVI or DUI stop. Just remember, everything is being recorded. All too often people become their own worst enemies.

As we approach the summer midpoint and the July 4th holiday, here are a few tips on what not to say if you find yourself facing Johnny Law on the side of the road:

1. I haven’t had that much to drink.
2. Is there a problem, Ossifer?
3. My attorney told me not to take any tests if I’m too drunk.
4. I know my rights! You can’t do this!
5. What’s your badge number?
6. My lawyer is going to sue you!
7. I’m going to have your badge!
8. I don’t have to get out of this car, and you can’t make me!
9. F#$%@ You, Pig!
10. Field Sobriety Tests? I can’t do those things sober!

These are actual things we’ve heard people say. And just in case there was any question, these comments didn’t help the defense.
As always, the best advice is to be safe and not drive even if you’ve only had a few. But if your plans went awry, and you are stopped for OVI or DUI, remember to stay silent if your answers are not good for you, and put our number in your phone—614-224-6142. We are ready to help 24/7.