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Criminal Defense For Complex And High-Stakes Cases

My name is Steve Palmer. I am a criminal defense attorney in Columbus and I founded Palmer Legal Defense to provide clients throughout central Ohio who have been accused of crimes or facing criminal charges with calm and steady guidance in an otherwise stressful and volatile time.

When A Criminal Case Gets Media Attention

Sometimes, criminal cases catch the public eye. When that happens, the stakes are high. Highly visible cases that have garnered media attention require careful attention and experienced navigation. Time is of the essence in these cases. Every single step is like a landmine, waiting to explode.

If your case has the potential to attract media attention, you need a calm and experienced leader. You need someone who can carefully, thoughtfully and strategically navigate the media minefields. Who you put in charge, matters.

When Your Case Involves Complex And Complicated Evidence

Sometimes, a criminal case can be incredibly complex. If a federal case has been investigated by the FBI with the assistance of a government agency like the Securities Exchange Commission or the IRS, you can be sure there is complicated evidence and piles of financial documentation to weed through.

If a complicated white collar criminal case or a high-profile drug or murder case has gone through the process of a state or federal indictment before a grand jury, there is most likely a serious pile of evidence to sort through. If you have been investigated for a federal crime or indicted in the Ohio state court system by a grand jury, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Decades Of Experience, Working For You

I have dedicated my legal career to criminal defense. Over the past decades, I have established a network of specialized experts and consultants. I have handled dozens of cases that have received national attention. I also pride myself on offering my clients steady guidance and a calm and logical voice of reason during a tumultuous time, no matter how high-profile their case might be. All of this makes me an ideal leader for your complicated or high-profile legal situation.

If you have been accused of a scandalous sex crime or a highly complicated embezzlement scenario or fraud scheme, I can step in and lead you through the legal process. I can and will stay ahead of the media attention. I will carefully and strategically plot your strategy to help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your case.

Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Today

I am available for confidential, no-obligation consultation appointments. To schedule yours, contact my office by calling 614-224-6142 or by sending me an email using my online form.