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How An Ohio OVI Conviction Affects Your Commercial Driver’s License

As a criminal defense attorney and the founder of Palmer Legal Defense in Columbus, I have over 25 years of helping clients throughout central Ohio navigate drinking and driving charges. My name is Steve Palmer and if you have been charged with an OVI and you are worried about your commercial driver’s license (CDL) I can help.

Higher Standards For CDL Holders

Ohio and Columbus Law treats commercial drivers differently in DUI cases, and those with a CDL are held to more stringent standards.

To start, CDL holders have a lower BAC threshold. For regular drivers, the standard BAC legal limit is .08 (for a breath test). For CDL holders that limit is significantly lower at .04 BAC. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Ohio law have little tolerance for alcohol-related CDL offenses.

Significant Consequences For CDL Operators

To complicate matters even more, CDL holders have more significant consequences. If they choose to refuse a chemical test (blood, breath, or urine), they face an automatic disqualification of their CDL for 1 year for first-time offenders. For those with multiple “refusals” in their past, they could face a permanent loss of their CDL.

This means CDL holders must be extremely cautious when deciding whether to drive. Most CDL holders depend on their commercial status and drive for a living. Whether they are over-the-road truck drivers or drive commercial vehicles locally, CDL clients must be treated very carefully.

An Experienced CDL Defense Attorney

I am an OVI lawyer with a long history of working with CDL holders accused of OVI or DUI (and other traffic offenses). I have found legal and creative ways to mitigate or even avoid the harsh administrative consequences and suspensions that are unique to CDL’s. I have been successful in helping many CDL holders save their license and their jobs after they’ve been charged with an OVI.

Need A DUI Or OVI Attorney In Columbus or Central Ohio?

To schedule a consultation, call me at 614-224-6142. You can also schedule an appointment by sending an inquiry through my online form. I look forward to answering your questions and telling you more about how I can help you protect your CDL.