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Criminal Defense For Juvenile Offenders

Juveniles facing charges for criminal activity in the juvenile justice system have the same rights to an attorney as adults do in criminal court. I am attorney Steve Palmer and I founded Palmer Legal Defense in Columbus. I exclusively practice criminal defense law, and I focus my legal strategies on finding rehabilitative and alternative sentencing options, especially when I work with children. I don’t believe that one bad choice should haunt a juvenile’s future.

Understanding The Juvenile Justice System In Ohio

In the state of Ohio, persons under the age of 18 at the time of a criminal offense are considered juveniles and are treated differently from adult offenders. Across the U.S., a standardized criminal justice system deals with adults. However, each state has its own juvenile justice system. Unlike the criminal justice system, which punishes perpetrators, the juvenile justice system seeks to rehabilitate offenders whenever possible.

Ohio’s Home Rule System

Ohio’s juvenile justice system is a Home Rule system, which allows cities and counties throughout the state to function with a great deal of autonomy. Most juvenile justice services are provided by local government and vary from location to location. Robbery, assaults and drug abuse are the top crimes that Ohio youth commit, followed by vandalism and burglary. The courts, police, youth advocacy and community organizations work together to make a difference in the lives of juveniles who need help.

Parents and families are often confused about the rights of juveniles in a court of law. Juveniles have some of the same constitutional rights as adults, including the right to an attorney, Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, and the right to confront and cross-examine their accusers. A judge hears juvenile cases, however, as a juvenile does not have the right to a trial by jury. In severe cases of violent crime, a juvenile may be tried as an adult in the criminal justice system. However, Ohio allows juvenile records to be expunged upon proper application and approval.

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