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White Collar Criminal Defense For Accusations Of Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a serious white collar crime. If you are under investigation or facing charges of embezzlement, I am a criminal defense attorney and the founder of Palmer Legal Defense. My name is Steve Palmer, and I founded my law firm in Columbus to provide legal counsel and advice for clients throughout central Ohio who have been accused of criminal activity, including complicated financial crimes like fraud and embezzlement.

Embezzlement Crimes In Ohio

Embezzlement is a financial, white collar crime and involves the theft or intentional misappropriation of assets, property or money that you were entrusted to monitor or manage. Embezzlement can be as simple as a cashier pocketing money from a customer that was meant to pay for a sales transaction. But embezzlement can also be a serious federal crime if an accountant or banker steals money from a government agency or a bank.

How Is Embezzlement Different Than Money Laundering?

Embezzlement occurs when someone has the legal right to handle funds or money, but misappropriate that money for personal use. Embezzlement can also involve elements of fraud and deception. Crimes involving money laundering include obtaining money through illegal means, like selling drugs and moving it around to hide where it came from.

How Serious Are Embezzlement Crimes?

In the state of Ohio, the seriousness of an embezzlement charge depends on the amount of money that was misappropriated. If the amount involved was less than $1000, the embezzlement charge is usually a misdemeanor and could result in 180 days of jail time and a fine of up to $1000. If the theft involves a substantial amount of money or a vulnerable victim from a protected class, like a disabled or elderly person, the crime is prosecuted as a felony.

If you have been under investigation or charged with an embezzlement crime, it usually means that the investigators have evidence against you, and it probably involves a good deal of money, which makes it a serious crime. I have over 25 years of experience in defending clients from high-profile and complicated criminal charges. With a network of resources and experts, I can prepare a solid defense to white collar criminal charges, including embezzlement and fraud.

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