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When addiction contributes to the cause of someone’s arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | Drug Crimes

There are three main ways in which drug addiction might lead to someone’s arrest. The possession of a prohibited drug or a controlled substance without a valid prescription can be a crime all on its own. Any involvement with the manufacturing or distribution of drugs could also lead to someone’s prosecution.

Substance abuse disorders leave people mentally or physically dependent on particular drugs. Those struggling with substance abuse issues may go to great lengths to avoid withdrawing from their substance of choice. The second way that drugs lead to criminal charges is through the need for regular supply. Those struggling with addiction may commit burglaries or other theft offenses in an attempt to ensure an ongoing supply of a certain drug.

The third way that drug addiction can lead to charges is by affecting someone’s behavior. Someone currently under the influence or withdrawing from certain substances might be more aggressive or erratic, which might lead to an arrest.

Occasionally, those who can connect criminal charges to a substance abuse disorder may have alternatives available to them beyond a criminal trial.

Some Ohio jurisdictions may offer drug court proceedings

Traditional criminal prosecution does nothing to address the underlying addiction that may have caused someone’s offense. Instead, incarceration and its secondary consequences may serve to reinforce or worsen someone’s addiction. Social stigma, reduced opportunities and psychological trauma may all contribute to increased substance abuse after a conviction.

The Ohio drug courts may help people resolve an underlying addiction. Those who qualify for drug court proceedings typically have to undergo treatment and submit to court supervision. The process can take two years or even longer to complete, and the defendant may need to submit to randomized drug screenings throughout the process.

However, there are many benefits to going through the drug courts instead of mounting a defense in criminal court. Successful completion of drug court can help someone avoid a criminal conviction. They don’t have to worry about criminal penalties or a criminal record. They may also be in a better position to improve their lives and avoid future criminal activity because they have gotten their substance abuse issue under control.

Certain people accused of addiction-related offenses might be eligible for adjudication in the drug courts. Exploring every available option is important for those facing Ohio drug charges. The drug courts are one of many possible solutions for reducing the impact of a pending drug charge.